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Dear all,

We had out first live show this last weekend (audio podcast will be posted soon). It seems to have been very well received by all who watched. I would love nothing more than to conduct live 4cast shows every two weeks but we have some minor drawbacks.

1) Video quality sux. There is no getting around this. It was blocky and barely watchable. More bandwidth is necessary. I would also like to have guests on cam too.

2) I tried, and failed, to get something set up whereby we could have live callers. My current equipment is somewhat limited (i.e. I have none) and investment is this area is looking more necessary with each passing week.

My current setup is amateur, at best (some may even say “What? You call that a setup?”). I want to make 4cast a lot more professional looking but, in order to do this I would need to upgrade my internet connection (recurring cost) and try to find some more adequate equipment (one-off cost). In order to facilitate this I am going to sell my soul and find some sponsorship. You may say “You’re already sponsored by Digital Forensic Magazine”, well, in short that is an agreement that we have in place but no money trades hands.

What I plan on offering is “on-screen” advertisements, and a spoken advert during the show. We can also offer limited advertising on the website.

If you know of anyone who would be looking to reach over 1000 digital forensic investigators each month with their message please let me know.

Also don’t forget that we are still taking donations. If you have some spare cash and would like to contribute please feel free to live a little and send us some money. Ideally this would have been the way to do things but the donations don’t cover all the costs and allow us to grow how we want.

Please get in touch if you can help!

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