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Testing Acquisition Hardware Part 2

A few people liked what I wrote the other day so I’m coming back with a couple more tests that I’ve run today. I have acquired the same drive as with the software tools but this time I have done it with the Tableau TD1 and the ImageMaster Solo III. The hard drive is a 320GB SATA Laptop Drive.

The Tableau TD1 acquired the drive in one hour and eleven minutes. This device uses medium/fast compression but still was pretty fast.

The ImageMaster Solo III acquired the drive in four hours and seven minutes. Obviously this is a bit-for-bit DD image so it writes everything unlike the TD1.

More testing will be done with my external Tableau write-blockers soon, and I will give an update then.

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  3. Brian M says:

    Be sure to try the Voom Hardcopy 3p, I just got one last week and it smokes my Tableau. Cost twice as much, but time is money.

  4. Doug Brush says:

    Great work Lee. Last night was a sleepless night and I have been thinking about benchmarking hardware. Getting a new TD1 for next week and want to compare to my bridges on a new acquisition laptop. Hopefully I can have some results that I can share here.

  5. Eric Lakes says:

    It sounds like the TD1 is as fast as the Hard Copy III
    I have 3 Hard Copy’s and plan on getting a TD1 to add to the arsenal!

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