2016 Forensic 4:cast Awards – Nominations are Open

Nominations are open for the 2016 Forensic 4:cast Awards. Did someone or something stick out to you as being particularly great in the field of digital forensics in 2015? Were you dazzled by some software that helped you through a difficult case? If so, here is the place to thank them. You can post your nominations at the link below:
Post your nominations.
Please bare in mind the rules for posting nominations and votes for the awards. I will not be responding to email asking “Why didn’t I/we get nominated this year?” Neither will I be justifying the nominees. They are justified by the community, I simply tally the votes.
The rules for the awards can be found at the link below:
Rules of the 4:cast Awards
Bear in mind that I posted these nearly two years ago and the same things keep happening. Take five minutes to learn how the awards operate and it might save you annoyance later.

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