As Promised

Every year. Every damned year. Well, these people caught me on a morning when I feel unwell and decidedly curmudgeonly. So here’s their email and my reply. This is Helena from Compelson, the creators of MobilEdit.

Hello Lee,

Unfortunately we didn’t receive any invitation from you, that is time to vote…

Any chance we could participate?

By the way we just finished tests the same phone – iPhone SE – with our Phone Forensic Express and Cellebrite solution and we were shocked what we are able to extract compare to them.

Helena Kozusnikova

And my reply:


As I mentioned two years ago, the forensic community decides who is nominated and put through to the voting stage. I publish that nominations are open on both my website, Facebook, and Twitter. I’m not in the habit of circulating emails to every potential nominee in order to have the garnish nominations or votes. I would say that it is up to your company to look out for such events. The nominations are usually opened in January so please check the website then.

Unfortunately I can’t do anything about it this year, the people have spoken.

I’m going to post every email I receive where people complain about not being nominated or being “left out”. I’m fed up of this and I hope that by doing this these emails will stop.

6 responses to “As Promised”

  1. Well done. Why people just can’t understand the process is beyond me. They deserve to be called out for it.

    Now, why wasn’t I nominated for something??? 😉

  2. Thank you very much, I didnt know the system.

    Now I will take care.

    Thank you very much Lee, I appreciate your help even you didnt felt well.

    Once more, Thank you.

    Helena Kozusnikova

  3. I honestly don’t see that there’s any point to “calling them out”. What does that achieve?

    More importantly, what happens if someone calls us out for every little thing that we do, because they feel that we deserve it? It simply creates a cycle of bad feelings all around.

    I would suggest that there were a couple of ways to approach this…ignore the queries, reply with a form letter, etc.

    • Thanks for the input Harlan. As a matter of fact, in this field that is EXACTLY what we should expect. Every little thing that we do will be scrutinized by our co-workers, our employers, our clients, and then the same people on the other side of our legal stance. The tools we use, the theories we develop, the procedures we write, are all open for criticism.
      The suggestion on replying with form letters has already been done. It doesn’t work. For 5 years I’ve had people emailing, tweeting, and commenting to me their complaints about why they weren’t nominated for something. I just grinds on me after a while and, after half a decade of these people, the only surprise is that I’ve not done it before now.

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