Yet another Shameless Plug

Yesterday I came to you with a request to buy and read my father’s book. It was 100% for charity and for your own edification. Today’s request is somewhat less altruistic.

COVID-19 screwed up a lot of people’s plans. SANS moved from live, in-person classes to the “Live Online” format very quickly. So quickly and seamless, in fact, that it was as if we’d been planning this change for years. We weren’t. We seriously pivoted and even pirouetted on a dime.

With the introduction of the Live Online format also came the opportunity to take a class in the typical one-week style, two week, three week, or even six week format. These are ideal for those that may not have a full week to sit down and hit the materials hard. After all, it is a lot to take in for only 5-6 days.

That bring me to my plug. I’m teaching FOR500 in the Live Online format over a two week period from July 6 to July 17. A two-week class format. We’ll start at 1pm Central time and go until 6pm. Monday to Friday for two weeks. this means you can be productive at home and work in the mornings and then join me for some forensic goodness in the afternoon.

Now, the class will likely only run if we have a minimum of six students attend. In order to help accommodate this, I’m going to buy brand new iPads for two random students that sign up for, and take, this class. This is not a SANS promotion, this is coming out of my own pocket. This is how much I believe in this class.

The link to the class is as follows:

In addition, if you sign up for the class before June 3, you get an additional $150 of the cost.

This is a great way to take a SANS class. Seriously. You can wear whatever you want, eat whatever snacks you want (every day can be ice-cream day), and chill at home. In addition, each class run is set up with its own Slack channel where we can share information, ask questions, post memes and GIFs (hard ‘G’ BTW) and generally hang out.

Hope to see you in class!

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