Category: Experiences

  • The Strength of a Tree

    If you’ve clicked on the link looking for a technical article, you’re going to be disappointed. This post is more about something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Last month Texas suffered another ice storm. Before moving to this state, I’d never heard of “freezing rain” and just assumed it was Texan for […]

  • The Human Cost

    The US Cybercrime Conference was cancelled last week. My personal feelings about their timing aside, I’ve decided to go ahead and publish my presentation for anyone to watch.

  • Lessons from the SANS #DFIRSummit 2015

    Last week I had the opportunity to go to the SANS DFIR Summit in Austin, TX. I go to this event every year because a) the high quality of the speakers and the presentations, and b) the size of the conference makes it comfortable and intimate. This year felt like the best year yet. Every […]

  • Digital Forensics vs. Data Extraction

    After a year of open submissions for future editions of the Forensic 4:mag I’ve decided to give up and move on. Before I do, however, I wanted to post this article submission by Patrick Siewert. Originally he submitted this for printing in the next issue but has agreed to allow me to publish it here instead. […]

  • Be SMART

    Last week I was probably a little more annoyed than I should have been. I read an article (later to find it was an advertisement) on the DFINews website that said that “groundbreaking” research had been conducted resulting in finding data on a drive that determines how long the drive has been in use, how […]

  • Learning Experiences

    No-one gets to where they are in life without making a few mistakes. It is how you recover from these mistakes, and how you learn, that define you. I’ve been thinking of things that I can share on the website that I’m unlikely to share in the magazine (you’ve read the magazine right? RIGHT?) and […]