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Getting into Digital Forensics (in the UK)

There is one question that is asked time and time again. “How do I get into digital forensics?” I find that I’m answering this question several times a week at the moment so I thought rather than writing the same reply to each email or forum post that I would just write a small post.…
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Future of Forensic 4cast

Dear all, We had out first live show this last weekend (audio podcast will be posted soon). It seems to have been very well received by all who watched. I would love nothing more than to conduct live 4cast shows every two weeks but we have some minor drawbacks. 1) Video quality sux. There is…
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Fantasy Forensicator League

I had a thought a few days ago that I’d like to share. Please don’t take me seriously, I have no intention of starting this up, just thought it would be funny. With Football (soccer) season just around the corner I have been bombarded with requests to join many different fantasy football leagues. While I…
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Extreme Hex Jumping

Meet Martin Westman. He works for Micro Systemation (the creators of XRY and XACT). The picture below is taken from a video in which Martin attempts to perform a hex dump of a Nokia phone using Micro Systemation’s modified Panasonic toughbook that is strapped to his chest while, wait for it… JUMPING OUT OF A…
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Sometimes I Wonder

I’ve been doing Forensic 4cast for over 2 years now. In that two years I’ve always done what I think is right and appropriate for those people that enjoy listening, reading, and participating in the podcast and website. Some thing may not have gone over too well with some people (man do I wish I…
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Simon’s Faraday Experiment

Simon wraps himself in tin foil.

Changes to Forensic 4cast

Greetings, I have decided that Forensic 4cast, as a whole, could do with a bit of a makeover.  As a result the new Forensic 4cast website will be launched on January 1st 2009. The new improved website will still have the podcast that you know and love but there will be some changes.  I have…
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New Episode Coming Soon

Greetings all. We’ve recorded a new episode about AccessData’s proposed acquisition. I hope to have this episode up on Monday as soon as my Mac has been repaired (again). ***EDIT*** Should have my new power supply either tomorrow or Thursday so it’ll be up by Thursday night at the latest. Sorry for the delay. I’m…
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Looking for Guests

There has been some significant news in the last few hours.  AccessData have launched a bid for Guidance Software.  I’m after a number of people that know about the two companies, the stock market in general, or who may have any additional insight on the matter.  I plan on doing an episode later today (around…
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I have now completed my CCE practical phase – and passed.  I don’t know how I found the time to do it given my current case load, but I did. Just to keep everyone updated, I’m so busy that I make bees look lazy.  I have several terabytes of data to trawl through in the…
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