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  • Sick

    Simon was allowed a week off, now I have to concede and say sorry to everyone.  Last week our kids were sick and, inevitably it was passed on to myself. Oh joy! I spent a night camped out in the bathroom, scared to move more than a few feet away, if at all. But don’t […]

  • New episode by Monday (I hope)

    So, Simon’s mouth has a big hole in it, but he feels well enough to do a podcast so we’ll hopefully do one on Sunday for release on Monday morning.  It should be an interesting one… I want to talk about virtual vigilanteeism, among other things. I also owe a couple of apologies. Don’t miss […]

  • No new episode today, sorry

    I’m sorry to say that we are not able to do an episode of Forensic 4cast tonight. Simon visited the dentist today and has been feeling a little worse for wear. Once Simon has recovered enough we’ll record another episode. Thanks for your patience.

  • Correction

    Thanks to Jamie from Forensic Focus who pointed out my mistake in episode 3.  I wrongfully stated that Brian Carrier did PTK and Jamie has corrected me in saying that Dario Forte (founder of DFLabs) is the main man behind it instead. Sorry for the mistake, I do get confused from time to time and […]

  • New episode later today!

    Simon and Lee recorded a new episode of forensic 4cast last night, it will be available for download sometime later today!!! We’d love to hear from anyone who cares to say anything about digital forensics.  If you have comments or questions you can either add comments to our posts or email We have set […]

  • Things Not to Do to a Hard Drive Part 1

    Episode 3.1 of the podcast is still available on this site and via iTunes. This is no doubt the first of many experiments in the name of Forensic 4Cast. It really depends on what other strange stuff I may feel like doing in the future. This first experiment involves an already broken hard drive, an […]

  • And… We’re back!

    All I can do is offer my apologies once again.  I’ve had to send my Mac off for repairs, then my audio equipment went all weird.  We actually recorded an episode only to play it back and find that there was so much noise that it wasn’t worth adding to the feed. Anyway, we’re planning […]

  • Difficulties in Production

    OK, so this week I’m sitting in a classroom in Slough on EnCase – Advanced.  Simon and I recorded the podcast on Sunday night but, upon listening back to it, there are a few recording discrepancies that need fixing / cutting.  I will endeavor to fix these items and get the podcast up as soon […]

  • Feedback (Please)

    So, like we said in episode 2, we are on holiday this next week but will resume full service upon our return. We would like to know if you would enjoy something more in depth than just forensics-related news. We have a few items that we would like to discuss or even publish as videos. […]

  • Sorry…

    I know that the initial promo said that the first episode of the podcast would be in January but I’ve been very busy with changing jobs, etc. The first episode of Forensic 4Cast will be available tomorrow here and on iTunes. Please listen and enjoy!