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  • 4:mag Challenge Solution

    Earlier this year I published the first (and, thus far, the only) edition of 4:mag. In this issue I set a challenge in which a copy of David Cowen’s latest book “Computer Forensics InfoSec Pro Guide”. The only information you were given was as follows: Somewhere in the digital copy of the magazine (downloaded from […]

  • 4:cast Awards 2014

    The time is rapidly approaching. On January 1 2014 the nominations for the Forensic 4:cast Awards will open. As always we anticipate the awards and look forward to giving these awards to the most deserving people and companies in our field. While I may host the awards and publicize them the whole process belong to […]

  • Where I Am

    I love doing forensics. I’ve been working at this for 7 years and still get excited whenever I find that nugget of gold helping to prove/disprove a case. I love discovering new things and learning. I love teaching forensics too. I’ve taught for SANS this year and it is extremely rewarding. For some reason I’ve […]

  • Forensic 4cast Awards 2013 – Meet the Nominees

    You may be aware that the voting for the 2013 Forensic 4cast Awards is now open. Voting will remain open until May 31 2013. Voting will close afterwards to allow time to get the awards engraved. Many people in the field placed their nominations and the top three from each category progressed to the voting […]

  • I’m Teaching 2 SANS Classes

    I’ve been quite closely affiliated with SANS for a while. They have been kind enough to host the Forensic 4cast Awards for the last 3 years, and again this year. I’ve presented at their conferences and even helped my arch nemesis, Ovie Carroll, teach the 408 class in Orlando last year. I’ve been wanting to […]

  • 4:mag Issue #1

    Today I am proud to unveil the first issue of 4:mag and, with it, a brand new look to the Forensic 4cast website. You can download a PDF of the magazine or read it online below. Please let me know your thoughts and desires for the magazine. I’m looking for contributors whether it be for […]

  • Post a Nomination – Maybe Win a Shirt

    Dear all, We all like to get something for nothing. Well, how about something for almost nothing? I am offering a Forensic 4cast T-shirt ( as a prize to one lucky person. All you have to do is post your nominations for the 2013 Forensic 4cast Awards. That’s it. Do that and your name will […]

  • Coroners and Justice Act 2009

    I originally posted this 3 years ago. The only reason I am reposting this is because of the significance it had to me personally. Posting this article literally changed my life. I was disciplined by my employer at the time and the whole thing gave me the courage to leave a hostile work environment and […]

  • Forensic 4cast Awards 2013 – Nominations are Open

    The nominations for the 2013 Forensic 4cast Awards are now open. You can find the nominations page here: Go nominate a worthy person/product/company now! The Awards will be presented at the 2013 Forensic Summit in Austin on July 9 and 10. Due to the complete lack of forensic podcasts being produced over the last year […]

  • Still Alive

    It has been almost a year since we moved to Texas. Life is certainly a lot busier than it used to be. In the last year I have managed to record only one episode of Forensic 4cast and do a live show. Also we had another baby, which took (and continues to take) a lot […]