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  • Forensic 4cast Awards 2012 – Results

    Today we held the fourth annual Forensic 4cast Awards in Austin, TX. Thank-you to everyone that took the time to place votes and nominations. We had nearly 4000 votes this year. That is a tribute to everyone that was nominated. I now get six months off before the madness starts again. The winners of the […]

  • Unofficial Awards 2012 – Results

    Forensic dance of the year – Hal Pomeranz Shiniest head in digital forensics – Rob Lee Wussiest punch in DFIR – Dave Kovar Forensic Tool of the year – Mark McKinnon Forensic beard of the year – David Cowen Best photoshop of Lee Whitfield – J-Michael Roberts, Brian Moran, Mark McKinnon Most confusing presentation – […]

  • The Unofficial Forensic 4cast Awards

    Mark your calendars! The Unofficial Forensic 4cast Awards are set for June 17 2012. Unlike the official awards, which will take place at the SANS Forensic Summit in Austin, these awards are going to be tongue-in-cheek and will be poking fun at deserving people in the field. We have a few categories so far, including […]

  • Dr Evil Works at the RIAA

    72 trillion dollars. That is the amount of money for which the RIAA is suing Limewire. What does 72 trillion looks like if you take the American definition of a trillion? 72,000,000,000,000 According to some sources this is more money than exists in the entire world. How, then, could the RIAA claim these damages? There’s […]

  • Forensic 4cast Magazine

    A few months ago I decided to look into creating an online magazine. This was to be a place where forensics professionals (and aspiring professionals) could contribute and learn together. Sadly the time wasn’t right and life through up a few complications. However I am now ready to pursue this idea more doggedly. I have […]

  • Digital Forensic Examiner of the Year

    I’ve been asked to explain why, specifically, people chose to nominate the three forensicators below. I have posted some of the comments made by those who nominated them. Personally I’m torn. All three are fully deserving of the award this year (yes, even Cindy). Kristinn Gudjonsson “Kristinn is long overdue for some public recognition for […]

  • Meet the 2012 Nominees

    Ladies and gentlemen thank-you for posting your nominations over the last few weeks. Please meet the nominees for the 2012 Forensic 4cast Awards. Voting is open. You can place your votes here: Computer Forensic Hardware Tool of the Year Tableau TD2 BlackBag Macquisition Hardcopy 3P Digital Forensic Article of the Year Digital Forensics SIFT’ing: Cheating Timelines […]

  • SANS 408 Mentoring and Teaching Assistant

    The new job is keeping my mind and body very busy recently so first of all, let me apologize for not being very proactive with posting. Normal service will be resumed soon. Second, I’m now in the SANS mentoring program. This means that I’ll be teaching Forensics 408: Computer Forensic Investigations – Windows In-Depth on a […]

  • Forensic 4cast Awards 2012 – Nominations are Open

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announce that nominations for the 2012 Forensic 4cast Awards are now open. You can find the nominations page here: Once again, SANS has invited us back to present the awards at the 2012 Forensic Summit in Austin on June 26 and 27. This year we have streamlined things […]

  • Call for Volunteers – Forensic 4cast Awards

    Dear all, It is quickly approaching the awards season. Yes the Oscars, the Grammies, the Golden Globes, and others will be held in the coming months but, most importantly, we will soon be accepting nominations for the Forensic 4cast Awards. Once again SANS has been kind enough to host the event at the Forensic Summit […]