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  • Forensic 4cast Mini-Shows

    Happy new year everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has made some good resolutions for the coming year (and. moreover, that you have not yet broken them). We, at Forensic 4cast, like to come up with fresh ideas once in a while to stop the old show getting stale. Some of these […]

  • Forensic 4cast Awards 2011 – Your Thoughts

    It is becoming more apparent to me that the Forensic 4cast Awards are becoming a huge deal. This thing seems to be snowballing into something huge. I ran a search for “forensic 4cast awards” today and was surprised to see many references from all over the world. Cellebrite even did a press release on winning […]

  • Where are my podcasts?!?!

    A couple of weeks ago I was able to poke my head in at the SANS EU Forensic Summit in London. After giving a presentation (and before rushing off back home) I was able to talk to a few people in the field. During one such conversation I was asked why I’d stopped doing Forensic […]

  • Forensic 4cast Live – Rerun

    We did it! The first live broadcast of Forensic 4cast went out earlier today. In case you missed it (whether by accident or by design) you can watch it below. If you’ve already seen it once and want to watch it again I have the number of a really good therapist… Watch live video from […]

  • Forensic 4cast Chat Room

    When I announced the live episode of 4cast a couple of people asked if we were going to have a chat room/IRC channel. I’m happy to say that we now have that set up. For you geeky types (which is pretty much everyone) the IRC channel can be reached by using the following settings in […]

  • Forensic 4cast – Live

    Last episode we had a first for our little podcast, we had our first female on the show. We struck a blow for chauvinism worldwide… well… maybe not, but it was good to have Cindy on the show. She was awesome and is welcome back anytime. This coming Sunday (August 15) we’re going to have […]

  • Digital Forensics Magazine Issue 4 Launches in August

    Digital Forensics Magazine, one of the fastest growing resources available for IT security specialists, is launching its fourth edition in August. With a global coverage, the print and online magazine is fast establishing itself as the must-have magazine for practitioners and students of digital forensics. Issue 4, released online on August 1st, takes a look […]

  • SANS Forensic Summit

    Last week I attended the SANS Forensic Summit in Washington DC. What an experience it was. I got to meet many people for the first time including Mark McKinnon, Joe Garcia, Brian Moran, and Rob Lee (if I listed everyone people would get bored reading, sorry). The event itself was fantastic I was able to […]

  • Forensic 4cast Awards – Results #forensicsummit

    Last night we held the second annual Forensic 4cast Awards at the SANS Forensic Summit in Washington DC. It was tremendous fun and was broadcast live by SANS on their website. If you want to see their coverage of the event you can do so here I will be posting video of the event […]

  • 4cast Awards – Votes Close Tomorrow

    The Forensic 4cast Awards will take place on Thursday evening in Washington DC (have I mentioned that before?) and the voting closes tomorrow. If you have not yet taken the time to place your votes please do. Most of the voting is EXTREMELY close and one or two votes can make all the difference. You […]