Author: Lee Whitfield

  • iTunes Issues

    So, now that I’ve changed everything I’ve noticed that iTunes points to the wrong podcast feed still.  I’ve submitted the changes to iTunes but I don’t know when these changes will filter through.  In the mean while its best to listen on here or download the mp3. ***UPDATE*** The issue with iTunes has now been […]

  • Small change

    You may or may not have noticed but the Forensic 4cast website has changed address ever so slightly.  I have done this so that I can add new features to the site that I couldn’t readily do with the old address. Also, look at for a new episode later/tomorrow with guest Mark McKinnon, author of […]

  • Downtime

    You may have noticed that we experienced a little downtime today.  The reason for this is because I’d like to do some things to the website that require a change to the web address, things such as a forum.  Sorry if this caused any inconvenience. I have also created new email accounts, in future if […]

  • Episode 7 – Pants

    Hooray! (I hear you cry).  Yes you are quite correct to cheer my friend as the latest episode is now available. This week Simon and Lee discuss the Private Investigator law (again?), the RIAA, Blackhat, and Lloyds TSB password policies. I know you’ll be riveted throughout the episode. (I’ve fixed the player now, apparently there […]

  • Still Here

    Contrary to popular demand opinion neither Simon or I are dead.  We tried recording something last week but Skype was being EXTREMELY unreliable.  We’ve since joined up with voxalot and set up SIP accounts so the process should be a lot smoother now. I’m glad to tell you that we’ll be doing a new episode […]

  • Sick

    Simon was allowed a week off, now I have to concede and say sorry to everyone.  Last week our kids were sick and, inevitably it was passed on to myself. Oh joy! I spent a night camped out in the bathroom, scared to move more than a few feet away, if at all. But don’t […]

  • Episode 6 – Virtual Vigilanteeism

    I am please to announce that episode 6 is available for your listening pleasure. In this episode we discuss virtual vigilanteeism.  Is it a blessing or a curse when these vigilantes get involved? We would really like to hear about your first hand experiences of the laws requiring forensic investigators to be registered private investigators, […]

  • New episode by Monday (I hope)

    So, Simon’s mouth has a big hole in it, but he feels well enough to do a podcast so we’ll hopefully do one on Sunday for release on Monday morning.  It should be an interesting one… I want to talk about virtual vigilanteeism, among other things. I also owe a couple of apologies. Don’t miss […]

  • No new episode today, sorry

    I’m sorry to say that we are not able to do an episode of Forensic 4cast tonight. Simon visited the dentist today and has been feeling a little worse for wear. Once Simon has recovered enough we’ll record another episode. Thanks for your patience.

  • Correction

    Thanks to Jamie from Forensic Focus who pointed out my mistake in episode 3.  I wrongfully stated that Brian Carrier did PTK and Jamie has corrected me in saying that Dario Forte (founder of DFLabs) is the main man behind it instead. Sorry for the mistake, I do get confused from time to time and […]