Author: Lee Whitfield

  • Episode 11 – Boondoggle

    With guest Mark McKinnon.

  • New Episode Coming Soon

    Greetings all. We’ve recorded a new episode about AccessData’s proposed acquisition. I hope to have this episode up on Monday as soon as my Mac has been repaired (again). ***EDIT*** Should have my new power supply either tomorrow or Thursday so it’ll be up by Thursday night at the latest. Sorry for the delay. I’m […]

  • Looking for Guests

    There has been some significant news in the last few hours.  AccessData have launched a bid for Guidance Software.  I’m after a number of people that know about the two companies, the stock market in general, or who may have any additional insight on the matter.  I plan on doing an episode later today (around […]

  • Episode 10

    Few technical problems with this one.

  • Success

    I have now completed my CCE practical phase – and passed.  I don’t know how I found the time to do it given my current case load, but I did. Just to keep everyone updated, I’m so busy that I make bees look lazy.  I have several terabytes of data to trawl through in the […]

  • Episode 9 – Sink Ore Swim

    Listen to this episode here.

  • I know you’ll cheer at this…

    Not sure when the next episode will be as my voice has vanished for a few days <cue cheering>.  My kids got sick so, naturally, I got it too.  If we can find anything interesting enough to talk about we’ll put an episode up in the next couple of days.  Don’t forget to sign up […]

  • Repair work – Edit

    I’ve finally found out what went wrong with transfering the podcast over.  A redirect on the page told iTunes to point to an invalid feed.  In order to fix this I’ve have to resubmit the podcast to iTunes and ask that the old link be removed.  How irritating.  But I’ve learned lessons from this that […]

  • iTunes Woes

    I honestly don’t know what is going on with iTunes.  It worked yesterday and now it has decided not to work and is claiming my feed is invalid when nothing has changed.  All I can do is apologise.  The episodes are still there and I hope that everything will be sorted out in the next […]

  • Episode 8 – Chrome

    Mark McKinnon was so kind as to do an interview for us today.  Mark is the writer/author (what the correct terminology there?) of the software Drive Prophet.  He talks to us about his software and what he hopes it will add to forensic investigations.  He was a great person to have on the show, excited […]