Author: Lee Whitfield

  • MacOS Timestamps from Extended Attributes and Spotlight

    I started this whole thing just with a general idea that I want to track times across USB devices on MacOS. As I went further down the rabbit-hole, however, I seem to have gotten lost and can’t seem to find my way back without finding more unexplored tunnels. It seems as if there are more […]

  • More MacOS File Movements

    No sooner had I posted the last article than I started getting questions, all along the same theme. “What about NTFS?” They shout. “I’m working on it,” I replied. And so I was. To review, HFS+ has five timestamps: Created Modified (last written) Accessed Record Change Added Date NTFS, on the other hand, has eight: […]

  • MacOS File Movements

    We continue to see more and more Apple devices come through our doors here at Digital Discovery. As such I do what I can to increase my knowledge in this area on a regular basis. I often rely on Sarah Edwards for assistance. She truly is a genius, not like the so-called geniuses at the […]

  • Forensic 4:cast Awards 2016 – Results

    This year’s Forensic 4:cast Awards were held on Thursday June 23, 2016. The awards were at the SANS DFIR Summit. A lot of the categories were EXTREMELY close. Congratulations to all the nominees, and especially to the winners The finalists for each category is listed below. The winners are highlighted in red. Computer Forensic Software of […]

  • Voting is Closed

    Took a few days to get this out, for which I apologize. Life is crazy sometimes. Voting for the 2016 Forensic 4:cast Awards is now closed. The winners will be announce at the SANS DFIR Summit in Austin (details can be found here: on June 23, 2016 at 4:45pm Central. If you’ve been nominated, please […]

  • As Promised

    Every year. Every damned year. Well, these people caught me on a morning when I feel unwell and decidedly curmudgeonly. So here’s their email and my reply. This is Helena from Compelson, the creators of MobilEdit. Hello Lee, Unfortunately we didn’t receive any invitation from you, that is time to vote… Any chance we could […]

  • Ken Johnson

    I considered writing this on Facebook but, then, the audience would be somewhat limited. Occasionally I write personal things here but today is a mix of both professional and personal. This is Ken Johnson. You may also know him as @Patories on Twitter. On Monday evening Ken was in the Milwaukee area on Business with […]

  • 2016 Forensic 4:cast Awards – Voting is now open!

    The nominations are in and counted. The nominees for the 2016 Forensic 4:cast Awards are not available for voting. Please note that voting will close at the end of the day on June 5, 2016. Any votes cast after this time will not be counted. Votes can be placed here: This year was closer than […]

  • Nominations Closing Soon

    Get your nominations in quickly because this Sunday is the last day to voice your opinion on who should be included in the voting portion for the 2016 Forensic 4:cast Awards. Thanks to everyone that has posted a nomination thus far, except, of course, for you, Kyle Rhodes. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID! Early next […]

  • 2016 Forensic 4:cast Awards – Nominations are Open

    Nominations are open for the 2016 Forensic 4:cast Awards. Did someone or something stick out to you as being particularly great in the field of digital forensics in 2015? Were you dazzled by some software that helped you through a difficult case? If so, here is the place to thank them. You can post your […]