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Episode 26 – Make Mine a DECAF

DECAF, Into the Boxes, Computers in Every Home, Inside the Core, and Cybercrime 101.

Episode 25 – The Little iPhone Worm That Could

The iPhone has worms, more COFEE news, bitlocker broken, and Android Forensics

Episode 24 – No Good Crying Over Spilled COFEE

In this episode Lee and Simon discuss COFEE, CRB checks, more stupid Texas laws, and Johnny Long joins us to talk about Hackers For Charity.

Episode 23 – The Butt of Everyone’s Jokes

e-fense, porn hacking, stupid criminals, and John McCash joins us to talk about certifications.

Episode 22 – Captain Forensics vs. Jonathan Parker

FTK3, the IWF, Drive Prophet, and Mike Jasorka

Episode 21 – Curveball to the Forensic Field

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has thrown a curveball to digital forensics

Episode 20 – Not another ‘Kitty Porn’ Joke!

FTK 3, Kitty Porn, and Larry Daniel joins us.

Episode 19 – Bullet Holes and Cat Burglars

In this episode we discuss bad computer repairs, phone exploits, and Scott Moulton joins us for an interview.

Forensic 4cast Awards – Replay

The Forensic 4cast Awards

Forensic 4cast Awards – Announcement

As I’m sure you’ve already heard, the Forensic 4cast Awards are upon us.  This Sunday (19th July 2009) at 2pm Eastern the awards will be broadcast across the internet. You can view it right here on the Forensic 4cast website. We have had a flood of votes but every vote counts.  Please take 5 minutes…
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