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  • Episode 8 – Chrome

    Mark McKinnon was so kind as to do an interview for us today.  Mark is the writer/author (what the correct terminology there?) of the software Drive Prophet.  He talks to us about his software and what he hopes it will add to forensic investigations.  He was a great person to have on the show, excited […]

  • Episode 7 – Pants

    Hooray! (I hear you cry).  Yes you are quite correct to cheer my friend as the latest episode is now available. This week Simon and Lee discuss the Private Investigator law (again?), the RIAA, Blackhat, and Lloyds TSB password policies. I know you’ll be riveted throughout the episode. (I’ve fixed the player now, apparently there […]

  • Episode 6 – Virtual Vigilanteeism

    I am please to announce that episode 6 is available for your listening pleasure. In this episode we discuss virtual vigilanteeism.  Is it a blessing or a curse when these vigilantes get involved? We would really like to hear about your first hand experiences of the laws requiring forensic investigators to be registered private investigators, […]

  • Episode 5 – Forensication

    Here is the fifth episode of Forensic 4cast. In this episode we discuss the sweet taste of RevEnge.  We also answer some questions posted by our good listeners. Please look out for Simon’s Wii Fit video on YouTube. If you have any comments please post them here.

  • Episode 4 – Ups and downs

    Here is episode 4 of the podcast.  This week Lee and Simon talk about, amongst other random things, rebellion in the state of Texas, cold boot attacks, Truecrypt vulnerabilities, and Julie Amero. The link to the cold bot attack source code is found here: We’re going to look at some of the comments and […]

  • Episode 3.1

    I know its been a while.  Thanks for your patience. This week Simon and Lee discuss an absurd law in Texas, greedy Private I’s, PTK, and Simon has a story about a lucky teenager.

  • Facebook Video

    I know we’ve only done two episodes so a phrase such as “a break for the norm” doesn’t seem to apply. Simon has been quite busy this week so we’ve not had time to do a full podcast yet, but we’ll do one before the week is out and have it up here by the […]

  • Episode 2 – “They Came From the Desert”

    Episode 2 is now up, Simon and Lee discuss the CSI Stick, FTK 2 woes, and some weird ants that are attracted to and eat technology. We experienced some technical issues during the show so please accept our apologies. Any problems wil be fixed for the next episode. Keep listening after the closing song…

  • Episode 1

    So, finally, it is here! Sorry it took so long, but I’ve had alot going on, my only hope is that you find this interesting and fun and that it makes you want to download future episodes. In this episode Simon and Lee talk about COFEE, the “extreme porn” bill, and a possible change to […]